For high-quality cork flooring in Scottsdale, consult with the flooring installation experts at Giovanni’s Custom Flooring & Renovations for a wide variety of the latest flooring materials that can serve as the basis for an enhanced decor for your home or commercial location.

What is Cork Flooring?

Cork flooring is a preferred option for many property owners due to its sustainability, flexibility, comfort and a range of other benefits. Produced from the bark of cork oak trees and then processed into sheets and baked at controlled high temperatures, this versatile and flexible flooring option was used extensively at the turn of the century and has enjoyed a recent upsurge in popularity due to the trend toward implementing more sustainable building materials. Cork floating floors and tiles are ideal for use in commercial and residential locations offering a range of benefits. Consult with a Giovanni’s Custom Flooring & Renovations flooring specialist in Scottsdale to discuss the pros and cons of cork flooring and to make informed decisions on whether cork flooring is suitable to your property.

The Benefits of Cork Flooring

Extra Warmth and Comfort – Cork flooring is noted for its ability to maintain a room’s temperature and provide ease on the back for those that must remain standing for long periods of time. The cushiony surface of cork flooring makes it perfect for bare feet and is the preferred flooring for kitchens, bathrooms and work spaces.

Acoustics – For home or work areas where noise is a problem, cork flooring absorbs sound in any location where sound echoes can be a problem. Whether you are seeking to diminish the sound of a neighbor’s footsteps in your apartment, or mute the music coming from the teens in the basement, Giovanni’s Custom Flooring & Renovations expertly installs cork flooring and cork tiles that help to create harmonious environments.

Durability – For home and businesses with high-traffic areas, the natural durability of cork makes it a practical choice since cork flooring is flexible enough to bounce back from rugged and regular wear and tear. Ideal for libraries and museums or any other location that accommodates a steady stream of visitors, cork was originally used in turn of the century churches because of its natural elasticity to stand up to a constant flow of foot traffic.

Eco-friendly Flooring Material – Unlike traditional wood products which essentially use the entire tree, cork flooring that is made from the bark of trees native to Europe allows these cork oaks to regenerate following a harvest. In addition, cork tiling is made by wine cork manufacturers making it the most eco-friendly flooring option on the market today.

Limitless Design Possibilities

Giovanni’s Custom Flooring & Renovations cork flooring is available in a wide range of colors styles and patterns and provides homeowners and business owners in Scottsdale with the flooring options to create unique floor designs that include checkerboard patterns, stripes or even a customized company insignias. Consult with our flooring experts and professional flooring installation specialists to create designs that truly reflect your personal vision.

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