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    Variety Of Floor Ceramic Tiles

    Services Provided By Our Custom Flooring Installation Company

    We Install An Extensive Selection Of Top Quality Flooring Options

    Hardwood Flooring Installation

    Achieve a timeless look that adds value to your home with our high quality hardwood flooring. Whether you’re looking for a darker or lighter finish, hardwood will give your home the unique and classic feel that you can love for years to come.

    Custom Tile & Stone Flooring Designs

    Stone and tile flooring bring a fresh look to any home while adding durability and style. With our brand names, custom designs, and wide variety to choose from, you are sure to find the aesthetic you are hoping for. Check out our large showroom today to see what we offer.

    Vinyl Plank Floor Installation Services

    Experience a vinyl plank floor that perfectly imitates stone or wood! As a popular option for flooring, vinyl requires little maintenance, is durable, and more cost effective! With so many options to choose from, you can’t go wrong.

    Remodeled Floor In Phoenix

    Hardwood Flooring Installers Serving Contractors, Businesses & Homeowners

    With more than 15 years of experience, Giovanni’s Custom Flooring has served a variety of customers. From businesses to homeowners, our hardwood installation options can be tailored to your needs. We refinish as well as install beautiful hardwoods such as Cedar, Alder, and Mahogany. Contact us today for a free on-site quote!

    We Install



    A popular option for wood flooring is Cedar due to its durability when properly maintained and immunity to bugs and rot damage. As a more budget-friendly wood flooring option, Cedar is beautiful, incredibly easy to work with, and smells amazing.



    Alder is another more budget-friendly option boasting beauty and amazing strength. It can take a beating and continue to look good when maintained properly. Although it is softer than other hardwoods, it is easier to work with and stain.



    Mahogany floors are stunning with beautiful grain patterns and a darker hue. As a harder wood that can stand up to abuse and is even water resistant, it is a phenomenal option for higher traffic areas and will last you a long time.

    Other High-End Hardwood Floors

    Other High-End Hardwood Floors

    At Giovanni’s Custom Flooring, we are proud to provide a wide variety of hardwood flooring options. From cedar and alder to cherry and maple, we carry many brand name high-end hardwoods to suit any style.


    Choose From A Wide Variety Of Tile Floors Including Travertine Tiles, Ceramic, Wood, Stone & More

    Get A Custom Tile Flooring Design For Your Construction Project Or Home Remodel

    (520) 840-0050

    Tile flooring has come a long way in the last couple decades and we offer a large variety of high quality brand name tiles. Whether you’re updating your bathroom or the kitchen, we have styles for any aesthetic from stone to wood-like to ceramic, we have you covered.



    Experience a beautiful old-world and charming aesthetic with Saltillo flooring!

    Mexican Tile

    Mexican Tile

    Enhance your living space with the decorative and festive Mexican tile!

    Ceramic Tile

    Ceramic Tile

    Discover cleanliness and durability in your kitchen with Ceramic flooring!

    Porcelain Tile

    Porcelain Tile

    Install durable Porcelain tile in your high-traffic areas and enjoy the sleek look!

    Decorative Tile

    Decorative Tile

    Update your tile floor by adding some fun and elegant Decorative tiles!

    Stone Tile

    Stone Tile

    Treat your home to a beautiful aesthetic by adding Stone which provides durability and value!

    Choose From A Wide Variety Of Tile Floors

    Arizona’s Preferred Floor Installations Company

    Types Of Commercial Properties We Serve

    Whether your restaurant, office building, or healthcare institution needs a floor, we have you covered with our variety of wood, laminate, tile, and other material options. With years of expertise and dedication installing flooring into commercial buildings, it’s no wonder we are Arizona’s preferred floor installation company!

    • Icon Gyms, Basketball Courts & Dance Studios
    • Icon Shopping Malls, Restaurants & Retail Outlets
    • Icon Office Buildings, Healthcare Institutions & More

    Types Of Residential Properties We Serve

    Along with commercial buildings, we are also highly trained and skilled at installing floors into residential buildings, condos, and more! Trust us to do the job well and to completion no matter how big or small your project is.

    • Icon Single Family Homes & Custom Homes
    • Icon Apartment Buildings & Condominiums
    • Icon Home Owner Associations & Real Estate Projects


    Giovanni’s Custom Flooring & Renovations

    As a reputable flooring company in business for many years, the main focus of Giovanni’s Custom Flooring & Renovations is to provide homeowners and business owners with the very best flooring selections. We offer brand-name hardwood, laminate, natural stone, vinyl sheet, plank, or tile, and top-quality commercial carpeting combined with a complete line of flooring services, including licensed carpet and flooring installation according to manufacturer’s recommendations.

    About Us
    About Us
    Frank Magallon, Owner Owner At Giovanni's Custom Flooring Renovation
    What Our Clients Say
    What Our Clients Say


    AZ Custom Flooring Company With 5-Star Rated Reviews

    Our Home Floor Looks Amazing And The Installation Was Very Fast

    Frank did a great job, very professional even with obstacles and during the whole Covid thing. Installed about 2,200 feet of plank ceramic tile with custom pattern. It came out great, very happy. He is a stand up guy and stands behind what he does.

    – Jeff Spies, AZ –

    Great job from start to finish. Very respectful with the process. Our installer was aware of the odor and shut the doors to the room he was working in he cleaned up his area that he used to cut tiles and asked questions about how we wanted the tiles put in. Very happy with the work.

    Karen Herbison-Hoyt – AZ


    I use this company three years ago for a very tricky Saltillo tile replacement project a home I was selling. They did great. I found the closest match color of tiles but each had to be cut down to size. Again, my experience with this company 3 years ago was great

    John Huntley – AZ


    Schedule A Free Consultation With A Flooring Design Expert

    Custom Hardwood & Tile Designs By Flooring Specialists

    Our Flooring Process Step By Step

    Floor Design Consultation & Estimate

    At Giovanni’s Custom Flooring, we value our customers and walk with you every step of the way. From the moment you contact us to schedule a free on-site quote, you can be sure that we will be transparent and trustworthy, offering you the customer service and quality of work that you deserve. We want you to be satisfied with our quality. Our skilled technicians will install your floor with precision and we will ensure your approval upon completion.

    Our Process

    1Contact & Budget

    Client Meets With Contractor In Person Or By Phone To Finalize And Accept The Bid

    2Order & Installation

    We Take A Deposit, Order Materials And Schedule Your Flooring Installation

    3Homeowner Inspection

    Final Inspection With The Homeowner To Verify The Quality Of The Work

    Why Property Managers And Commercial GCs Love Working With Giovanni's Custom Flooring & Renovations

    Why Property Managers & Commercial GCs Love Working With Giovanni’s Custom Flooring & Renovations

    We Turn Around Most RFPs In 2 Weeks Or Less & Bid Projects Of All Sizes

    We have developed valuable relationships with property managers and commercial general contractors through our quick turn-arounds and ability to complete job sizes of all kinds. We are happy to work with you and your clients to bring visions to reality. Contact us today to schedule a time to check out your project so we can get a proposal to you in a timely fashion.

    View Our Latest Works On Floor Installations & Renovations

    Discover the quality and precision of our work by checking out some of our latest projects! We are confident that we can provide top-notch flooring with exceptional service. Don’t take our word for it, though. Our customers are our greatest advocates, check out our reviews and see pictures of our latest work to see for yourself! Or stop by our large showroom to talk to us in person and see our beautiful flooring options! From kitchens to living rooms to gym floors to restaurant flooring, Giovanni’s Custom Flooring has you covered!

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    FAQs About Our Custom Flooring Company


    How Long Does The Installation Process Typically Take?

    The duration of a flooring installation typically ranges from a few days to a week, depending on factors such as the type of flooring, the size of the area, and the complexity of the installation. Hardwood or tile installations tend to take longer than laminate or vinyl installations. However, specific timelines can vary based on individual project details and any unforeseen challenges.

    Do You Handle The Removal & Disposal Of Old Flooring Materials?

    Yes! We believe in doing a project to completion which is why we rip out your old floor and subfloor and ensure disposal of all the old flooring materials! We are committed to leave you with a fully done project that you are proud to show off to the neighbors and friends. Contact Giovanni’s Custom Flooring for more information.

    How Can I Obtain Pricing Details For Different Flooring Choices?

    We provide a wide variety of flooring choices to cover any budget. When you request a quote, Giovanni’s Custom Flooring will provide a detailed pricing report of all the material options that you are looking at. Or if you want a rough idea of what flooring per square foot might cost, check out the pricing tab on our website!

    What Does The Term “Edge Treatments” Refer To?

    “Edge treatments” in flooring refer to the techniques or finishes applied to the perimeter edges of a floor installation. These treatments are designed to create a clean and polished appearance, as well as provide protection to the edges of the flooring material. Common edge treatments seamlessly integrate the flooring with the surrounding surfaces and prevent chipping or damage along the edges.

    Do You Provide Guidance On The Most Suitable Flooring Material To Use?

    Our technicians provide knowledgeable guidance in selecting the optimal flooring material tailored to your specific location, taking into account factors like foot traffic, moisture levels, and aesthetic preferences. By considering these aspects, we ensure a well-informed decision for a flooring solution that suits your environment perfectly.

    Can You List Some Flooring Options That Are Considered Eco-Friendly?

    At Giovanni’s Custom Flooring, we provide several eco-friendly flooring options including bamboo, which is a rapidly renewable resource, as well as sustainable options like natural stone which can be considered an eco-friendly choice due to its durability and minimal environmental impact.

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