Giovanni’s Custom Flooring & Renovations combines knowledgeable design and sales staff, skilled flooring installation technicians and top quality flooring products with a strong commitment to professionalism and customer satisfaction toward every flooring project we take on in Maricopa.

Dedicated Service That Matches Top Quality Flooring Products

A flooring company based in Maricopa, Giovanni’s Custom Flooring & Renovations does much more than merely sell flooring products, we work closely with both residential and commercial clients to ensure they choose the products that are most suitable for their lifestyle or industry, as well as those that correspond and meet with their specific decor and style requirements. We believe that even the most superior flooring product is as good as the flooring contractor that provides installation and sales and service.

Traditional Service That Keeps Up With an Ever-Changing Industry

Within an ever-changing and continuously evolving flooring industry, Giovanni’s Custom Flooring & Renovations strives to maintain the highest standards of services that are customized to a client’s specific needs as well as keeping them informed of the latest flooring advancements that can offer homeowners and business owners the most cost-effective flooring solutions that enhance their homes and businesses.

Where is the best flooring installer near me?

Giovanni’s Custom Flooring & Renovations flooring installation techniques have greatly evolved through the years and when Maricopa property owners are looking for flooring installation professionals, we strive to ensure that Giovanni’s Custom Flooring & Renovations stands out from the rest. Our extensive experience as reputable flooring contractors has taught us that our business success is based on a high standard of customer service that seeks to establish long-standing partnerships with clients through the generations and not just a one-time sale.

Superior Installation Standards

Our technicians receive continuous training updates regarding the latest subfloor preparation products, adhesives and tools and equipment to ensure that, no matter which flooring product they choose, installation is completed with no unpleasant surprises on time and on budget. Our licensed and insured installers are instructed to communicate clearly with clients at all times and to consistently adhere to flooring manufacturers recommendations and take extra precautions to maintain safe and organized work areas.

A Flooring Company You Can Trust

Giovanni’s Custom Flooring & Renovations worked hard to build trust and a good reputation in Maricopa. From the beginning, we understood that honesty and exceptional customer service along with a dedication to improving skill and knowledge about flooring products was the most solid foundation to form the basis of a flooring company. We never sub-contract out any flooring project and provide a sizeable team of capable installers who work in tandem with our considerable sales and design staff based at our large showroom in Maricopa As the years have gone on, we have insisted that each of these values is understood and put into practice by each member of our staff.

We take pride in offering the highest quality craftsmanship for a full range of flooring for any type of home and serving the flooring needs of businesses from retail to restaurants to industrial warehouses.

Please feel free to contact any member of our staff at any time about any flooring requirements.

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