Recognized as a reliable and full-service flooring company in Gilbert, Giovanni’s Custom Flooring & Renovations provides cost-effective and high-quality cork flooring along with professional installation from qualified technicians. Both practical and attractive, cork flooring performs well in high-traffic areas and naturally repels mold, mildew and bacteria among many other benefits, making it a practical flooring option for both residential and commercial property owners.

What is Cork Flooring?

A completely renewable resource derived from the bark of cork oak trees, cork flooring has been around since the early 1900s and was traditionally used in churches and libraries. With a recent increase in demand due in part to its popularity as an environmentally responsible flooring option, cork flooring is also highly flexible and effectively absorbs both impact and sound while also offering increased warmth and energy savings.

Cork Flooring Colors and Patterns

Giovanni’s Custom Flooring & Renovations offers cork flooring in a wide range of styles and colors including patterned cork flooring, stained cork tiles and natural cork floating floors. For superior color definition and vitality, we offer premium stains in a variety of color combinations customized to your requirements. Creative flooring design can include high-quality cork tiles and floating floors available in several patterns that truly reflect your personal taste or business image. Protected with a quality polyurethane finishing system that is highly scratch-resistant, our flexible and durable cork flooring can add a natural element to existing decor themes. Consult with our experienced staff to learn more about enhancing the comfort and style of your home or business in Gilbert with easy to install cork floor mosaics and borders using standard and customized installation methods.

Cork Flooring Installations

Giovanni’s Custom Flooring & Renovations cork flooring is extremely versatile and may be used as an underlayment or installed over any type of flooring including smooth concrete or plywood. Cork floating floor systems offer increased moisture resistance superior to that of a hardwood floor and can even be installed on uneven floor surfaces, compensating for irregularities in underlying flooring. Consult with our Gilbert flooring professional to achieve long-lasting results and to learn more about the many cork flooring options available.

Cork Flooring Pros and Cons

Easy to Clean and Maintain – Simply sweep and vacuum your cork flooring regularly and damp mop every few weeks. Versatile and scratch-resistant, Giovanni’s Custom Flooring & Renovations cork flooring is protected with a durable finish that lasts longer with basic cleaning.

Resistant to Mold and Mildew – Cork flooring is a preferred flooring option for allergy sufferers and those especially sensitive to airborne bacteria.

Comfort and Flexibility – Due to its inherent springy surface, cork flooring is an ideal flooring option for high-traffic areas and provides extra cushioning to those standing for long periods of time.

Warmth and Insulation – Cork flooring effectively absorbs sound and acts as a natural insulator.

Cork Flooring Cons

Fades Over Time – Cork flooring requires protection from UV rays that can cause its natural coloring to fade over time when installed in direct sunlight.

Indents From Furniture – Furniture that is not equipped with protective padding can cause permanent indentations in cork flooring due to its naturally flexible surface.

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