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Vinyl Flooring in Gilbert, Scottsdale, and North Phoenix

Planks, sheets, or tiles- no matter the type of vinyl flooring you desire in your Gilbert, Scottsdale, or North Phoenix home, Giovanni’s Custom Flooring & Renovation can install it. You can trust our expert craftsmen to prepare the subfloor and install the trim to perfect the look.

Why Vinyl Flooring?

Vinyl flooring has become one of the most popular flooring types for anyone looking to give their home an upgrade without breaking the bank. They will give your home a touch of style and class. With so many styles to choose from, vinyl can easily be paired with any decor. Vinyl patterns have shifted from the cheap look and feel of the 80’s to beautiful flooring with the look and feel of wood.

Benefits of vinyl flooring are the following – durable, reduces noises, and it has a water, stain, and general resistance to overall wear. In addition, if you have any four-legged friends then vinyl flooring is an especially good choice. Vinyl can stand the test against claws which gives homeowners an added peace of mind when it comes to installing vinyl in their home. When it comes to price –  vinyl flooring is less expensive AND easier to install and maintain than most of the other flooring options. Vinyl also offers a versatile and beautiful solution to areas that experience moisture. The composition allows for a quick and easy cleanup of any moisture.

We can help you find a type of vinyl flooring you love for your home. We can also offer our own expertise by giving suggestions on the vinyl flooring that will work and look the best with the overall look and feel of your home. Whether you go with a traditional wood look or something a little more ambitious, we’re here to help. Trust our professional and experienced team with your flooring needs and we will show you how beautiful your home can look with the right vinyl flooring.

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